Ghost of the Train

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It’s just after 4am and the train stops in Chico, CA. We’ve now crossed the 13 hour mark, almost halfway into my 30-hour train ride. I’ve gotten maybe five straight hours of sleep, which is quite amazing and more than I’d hoped. I’m sure I’ll nap again before the journey is up, but for now it’s sort of fun to be the only one awake. […]

Hitting the Road

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A few weeks ago as I struggled to determine what direction my life would take next, I had absolutely no travel plans on the horizon. Yet as always seems to be the case in times like these, somehow the stars aligned so perfectly that even I was amazed. In less than a week, I pieced together what will turn out to be a month-long trip […]

Visiting Rain Room at the MoMA

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You might say I’m crazy. I just waited over three hours – in the rain – to stand in a room full of artificial rain for all of ten minutes. Oh, the irony. Sweet, sweet irony. Was it worth it? I have to say that it was. But not for the reasons I thought. I thought that I would get some amazing photos. I studied […]

24 Hours in Denver

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While I wish that I could say that I had a gorgeous view of the Rockies while flying into Denver International Airport, the woman sitting next to me kept sticking her frizzy head of hair into my line of sight out the window. Alternately glancing fearfully out the window and leaning her head onto the seat in front of her, she kept her hands tightly […]