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Coming up: Dishcrawl KapaWHOlu

Break out your walking shoes and stretchy pants, Honolulu! The latest Dishcrawl is coming up this Wednesday 2/27 and – by popular demand – the neighborhood is Kapahulu!

I’m excited for this for two reasons:

1) Kapahulu is a great eating destination! There are many high-caliber hidden gems tucked into the strip malls and storefronts that line Kapahulu’s main corridor. I can think of a variety of eats – Japanese, Thai, Hawaiian, Korean, and even food trucks all on the same stretch. Not to mention a certain sugary Portuguese treat…

2) Kapahulu is my ‘hood! I can pretty much just roll myself home after the event is done, and hopefully tuck into bed before the food coma sets in.

For those who aren’t yet acquainted with the concept of Dishcrawl, it’s a mystery progressive dinner where all you’ll know in advance is the neighborhood and that you’ll be sampling a dish or two at FOUR different restaurants, all within walking distance. Diners are given the name of the first restaurant just 48 hours prior to the event, and the rest you learn as you go.

Last month, I attended Dishcrawl After Dark in Kaimuki. It was my first Dishcrawl, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved that air of mystery! It was also really fun to be experiencing the dishes and restaurants with a group of adventurous foodies. It’s easy to make new friends, and I wasn’t the only one who attended solo.

A few photos from last month’s Dishcrawl After Dark:

Part of the fun is not knowing where you’re heading next, but even when the restaurants were ones I’d been to before, I got to try different dishes (I found a new favorite at Himalayan Kitchen!) and we even got to hear from the chef/owners at each stop. Definitely a unique way to experience Honolulu’s dining scene. And it’s a plus that you get to walk off a few calories in between because I was absolutely STUFFED at my last Dishcrawl. Now I’m really looking forward to a stroll through Kapahulu!

Join me Tomorrow!

>> Get your tickets for Dishcrawl KapaWHOlu here. BONUS: Enter the code “shoyusugarspecial” for $10 off the regular price of $45!

>> Follow Dischrawl Honolulu on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their website for exciting upcoming events, including Kailua, Bacon-themed, and a singles’ Dishcrawl!

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